My main interests are eco-evolutionary dynamics and behavioural ecology. In my PhD I have worked with a combination of mathematical models and lab and field experiments with insects asking how the environment affects behaviour and evolutionary dynamics.

In my PhD I have used a mathematical models to predict how the evolution of mate preferences depends on the environment and how choosiness in one sex can promote the evolution of choosiness in the opposite (Gomez-Llano et al., 2016). In collaboration with Lund University I developed a project to understand the effect of population size and community composition in the dynamics of sexual conflict using damselflies. We used a combination of fieldwork and lab experiments to understand the dynamics of intra- and interspecific interactions shaping reproductive behaviour and sexual selection. These projects have involved how population size affects behaviour, now we are using Drosophila to explore how the environment affects behaviour in a way that increases population size. Specifically, we have shown that Drosophila relay more heavily on public information and tend to aggregate more when the environment is variable.

Twitter: @mgomezllano

Email: miguel.gomez@manchester.ac.uk