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I started my PhD in BEECon at Manchester in 2016 working with Tucker Gilman on sexual imprinting (how mate preferences can be affected by our parent’s phenotype). People call me Richie. My PhD combines mathematical and agent-based models with behavioural testing in humans. While sexual imprinting is seen in many animal species, the evidence for it in humans is mixed. Furthermore, while there have been many explanations put forward for why organisms imprint, there has been no systematic attempt to separate these explanations. Understanding why organisms imprint is essential for generating meaningful predictions that will give us a better, more nuanced understanding of mate choice.

My other interests include the study of inbreeding (and how it may not always be bad), the study of Dominance and intrasexual competition in human males, social perceptions of faces, and the effects of evolutionarily-relevant factors (such as mate value) on behaviour in economic games.

In 2016 I completed my MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the Glasgow Facelab under the supervision of Professor Ben Jones and Dr. Lisa DeBruine. My Thesis investigated how men respond to other men’s dominance, particularly facial cues to dominance. I also helped with data collection for a variety of projects including those looking at how hormonal changes across the menstrual cycle affect women’s mate preferences.

I completed my undergraduate in BSc Psychology at the University of Sheffield in 2015, gaining a first class honours and placing second in my class. I carried out my final year dissertation under Dr. James Stone on how a father’s resemblance to his children and his promiscuity (or lack of) may be related.

If you are interested in my research, or just fancy a chat, feel free to get in touch!

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